Part Three: Coffee

The grinder whirs as the fragrance of the most sacred bean wafts through the air. IMG_4205Coffee’s aroma always takes my mind on a journey. Like many people, I first discovered the magical beauty of coffee in college. The Aspen Coffee Company opened up downtown, creating more than just a source for a legal late-night upper, but also a gathering place. It was here that I first deeply experienced community. George, Danny, Christy, Jason, Patrick, Jeff, and a dozen others. Our lives would intersect a few hours before closing time. We would discuss homework, religion, music, class, politics, tragedies, and life. Tears of both joy and agony were shed. Together.

Coffee is more than just a drink. It isn’t merely my favorite caffeine delivery mechanism. Around here, coffee is community.

If I want to catch up with an old friend, I’ll text “hey, are you free for coffee?” Some of the names have changed, but the bonding that happens over a steaming cup of sweet caffeinated nectar of the gods remains the same.IMG_3730

It doesn’t matter if it’s at a greasy spoon over scrambled eggs and floppy bacon or a pretentious coffee joint with art in the foam. The magical thing about coffee is the connection and the community it facilitates. The chief aim of “Grace, Truth, & Coffee” is community. Unity without uniformity. Appreciating our differences while celebrating what we have in common.

We each have a finite number of days on this spinning ball of rock, let’s not waste them by building walls and fences. Let’s build bridges instead.