Hello There

Pull up a chair, pourIMG_4205 a cup of your favorite warm beverage, and settle in. Enjoy a story or a few photos while you’re here.

I’m an adventurer on a journey. This site chronicles what I think and see along the way. I don’t claim to have a cornerstone on the truth, but my perspective tends to be unique and I promise to share it authentically and graciously. Conversation is always welcome as we come together with a sincere desire to build bridges instead of fences.

Community, conversation, coffee, and creativity…these things make life worth living. I travel as often as opportunity allows. Traveling and speaking leads to interacting with amazing new friends from around the world. You’ll get a glimpse of them here from time to time. You might just find yourself here, too.

At GTC, you’ll find photos and words meant to enrich your life, impact your perspective, and guide your journey. We don’t shy away from hard topics, but strive to handle them with love and grace, valuing relationships over arguments. Every now and then an uncomfortable truth may emerge and we’ll press into it together.

Ultimately I’m just a pilgrim on a journey. My hope and prayer is that we discover there is much more that unites us than could ever divide us, regardless of our backgrounds, experiences, and belief system. We all crave harmony between what’s going on within us and what is true around us. Since you’re coffee has now cooled a bit, take a sip, sit back, and enjoy the journey.